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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Holt McDougal Literature Curriculum
Grade 6 - 12

Research-based and digitally interactive, Holt McDougal Literature provides an engaging learning environment designed to help English Language Arts students successfully meet the Common Core State Standards for Grades 6 through 12.

  • Engage tech-savvy students with enhanced interactive learning tools.
  • Fill your class with rich, text-based discussion using the ELA Common Core Exemplar Resource.
  • Motivate your students with an integrated mobile curriculum.


Why Holt McDougal Literature?

Built to Align Fully to Common Core State Standards

Holt McDougal Literature contains in-depth selections and unique features to support Common Core State Standards and to better prepare students for English Language Arts assessments.

Built-in Scaffolding Provides Common Core Access for All

A variety of support is available to meet the range of your students' needs. Holt McDougal Interactive Readers are designed for on-level, below-level, and English language learners.

Student and Teacher Interactive Online Editions with Point-of-use Access to Digital Resources

Holt McDougal Literature’s online editions put everything at your fingertips. Interactive Whiteboard Lessons, a Common Core Solutions Site for teacher support, and Level Up remediation are just a few of the features designed to support teaching and learning.



Holt McDougal Literature, Common Core Edition provides the best in print and digital resources to fully implement the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts.

Print Media

The tables of contents boast a strong balance of classic and contemporary literature and diverse informational texts that progressively develop and apply students’ English Language Arts skills.

Online Media

ThinkCentral hosts an enhanced online version of Holt McDougal Literature with audio and video; teacher supports; hyperlinked vocabulary; and point-of-use links for review, practice, and enrichment activities.

Electronic Media

Leading-edge digital tools provide students and teachers with the resources they need to meet today’s teaching environment demands and help prepare students for college and career success.

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