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Cengage Learning - Global Issues
Bringing world issues into focus for all students

The Global Issues series consists of books at three reading levels covering the most important geographic and environmental issues of our time.

  • Informational text for social studies and language arts classes
  • High-interest topics and dramatic photography
  • eBooks, sound effects, interactive vocabulary, and infographics
  • Three reading levels (on level, below level, and above level) to reach every student

Student Materials

The 12 student books at three reading levels feature dramatic photography, engaging writing, and distinctive visual design to interest students in issues of global importance.

Teacher Materials

One Teacher's Guide for each set of three student books, giving teachers the resources needed to blend whole-class instruction with small-group activities.

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Our World (Beginning Pre-A | Elementary A | Intermediate B | Pre-Intermediate A)
Cengage Learning - Hampton Brown Edge


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