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Cengage Learning - Hampton Brown Edge
Reading, Writing, and Language for High School

Edge is a core Reading/Language Arts Program designed for striving readers and English language learners in Grades 9–12 reading below grade level. It prepares students for success on exit exams and moves them to graduation and a promising future!

Motivating and Relevant

  • Essential Questions drive the presentation of readable, relevant, and engaging literature
  • Draws on out-of-school literacies and connects to the real world
  • Structure supports foster success as students build reading, writing, and language power
  • Offers choice and control over learning and gets students committed to their own success

Systematic and Focused

  • Focus and repetition of one reading strategy per unit create a path to achievement
  • “Show, not Tell” lessons cement understanding
  • Explicit teaching and frequent interactivity develop competence
  • Systematic application across genres promotes strategy transfer


  • Cohesive and manageable instructional design, with built-in professional development
  • Grades 9-10 English Language Arts Standards taught and tested
  • Assessments inform instruction, including e-Assessment with immediate access to reports and reteaching resources

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