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Life | LEVEL: Beginner To Advanced    
Paul Dummett, John Hughes, Helen Stephenson

Welcome to life!

Life is an exciting six-level series that makes learning English an exploration of the world. Drawing on National Geographic content, Life transforms the learning experience into a fabulous journey with irresistible images, articles and videos that engage learners like no series before. Bring Life into your classroom!

  • A practical, competency-based syllabus helps learners in their development of grammar, vocabulary, functions, pronunciation and skills through appropriate communicative tasks.
  • Real life lessons model and practise everyday functions, preparing learners to use language in the real world.
  • National Geographic video on the DVD allows teachers to bring lessons to life.
  • The carefully designed critical thinking syllabus challenges learners to understand texts at a deeper level.
  • Vocabulary is introduced thematically, with additional emphasis on key words and word building in Word focus and Word building sections.

Life Teacher’s Website

  • Class audio
  • CEFR Correlations
  • World lists
  • Audio scripts in Word
  • Reading texts in Word
  • Videoscripts in Word
  • Placement and progress tests
  • Extra practice activities
  • Extension and revision activities
  • Business writing portfolio
  • Additional reading texts + audio
  • Communication activities
  • Life stories

And more!

  • Articles by the authors
  • Sample pages – browse Unit 1 from Life Intermediate
  • Subscribe for updates!


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