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Aspire | LEVEL: Pre-intermediate To Upper Intermediate
Pre-intermediate: John Naunton with Robert Crossley | Intermediate: John Hughes with Robert Crossley | Upper Intermediate: Paul Dummett and Rebecca Robb Benne with Robert Crossley

Discover, Learn, Engage

Aspire is an exciting new three level upper secondary course packed full of National Geographic content including images and video.
With Aspire students will:

  • Discover the world through fascinating content from National Geographic
  • Learn the language and grammar they need to communicate within the classroom and in the real world
  • Engage with the world though real-life Case Study sections which take students beyond the classroom

Student’s Book + DVD

► Everyday English sections
► Case Study sections
► Communication activities
► Grammar reference sections
► Video worksheets
► DVD with video from
National Geographic

Workbook + Audio CD

► Extensive further practice of
Grammar, Reading, Listening,
Everyday English and Writing
► Audio CD

Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CDs

► Comprehensive teacher’s notes ► Numerous extension exercises ► Placement tests, Unit tests, End of term tests, End of year tests

Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM

► Contains all the pages of the Student’s Book ► Answer key and audio included ► Use with an interactive whiteboard or computer with projector

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