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Cengage - The Heinle Picture Dictionary For Children
Pictures plus a world of fun! The Heinle Picture Dictionary for children Jill Korey OSullivan Level: pre-literacy to early-intermediate. Also available

The Heinle Picture Dictionary for Children is the only children’s dictionary that presents vocabulary within thematic readings and offers opportunities for multi-level practice of every word introduced to help develop English language skills.

  • 1,100 words are taught contextually through colorful illustrations and photographs, readings, and activities in eight thematic units.
  • Students encounter words in context through engaging “Rhyme Time” and “Fun Facts” readings.
  • “Playing with Words” offers fun activities in which students increase semantic understanding and develop their language skills.
  • A “Basics” unit features six lessons that introduce important basic vocabulary that will jump start students’ language acquisition.
  • Units 2 – 8 explore other areas of the learner’s life including their family, neighborhood, school, and the world.
  • Multi-level Lesson Planner provides three different ‘mini-lessons’ for each level focusing on vocabulary, phonics, and language development.
  • Activity Bank CD-ROM, included in the Lesson Planner, contains reproducible activity masters, literacy worksheets, flashcards, word lists, song lyrics, and the readings for each lesson.
  • Classroom Presentation Tool CD-ROM and full-color Transparencies aid instruction and save time.
  • Audio Program includes all readings and words.
  • The Sing-Along with The Heinle Picture Dictionary for Children Audio CD presents 63 original songs that reinforce words introduced in the lessons.
  • Workbook focuses on vocabulary acquisition, language development, and phonemic and graphemic awareness.
  • Interactive CD-ROM offers engaging activities and games for students.


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Cengage - The Heinle Picture Dictionary, Second Edition



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