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Cengage - Footprint Reading Library
Robert Waring, Series Editor LEVEL: early-intermediate to advanced.

  • A rich selection of engaging non-fiction stories, grouped into five themes: Incredible Animals, Fascinating Places, Remarkable People,Exciting Activities, Amazing Science.
  • 8 levels 100 titles.
  • Teacher’s Books includes photocopiable worksheets, tests, and additional communicative activities.

Footprint Reading Library 3-IN-1

combination readers
LEVEL: early-intermediate to advanced
Carefully selected titles from the National Geographic Footprint Reading
Library have been combined to form these special 3-in-1 topic-based readers.

  • 8 readers
  • CD-ROM attached to each reader, containing DVD clips and Audio
  • Read the stories to learn new vocabulary and develop speed-reading skillsthrough the expansion readings.
  • Listen to the stories on audio and improve your listening skills and Englishpronunciation
  • Watch the stories on video, practice using the key language, and enhance your comprehensive understanding of English.

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