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Cengage - Pathways FOUNDATIONS-4
Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking | Becky Tarver Chase, Milada Broukal | LEVEL: elementary to advanced

Pathways is National Geographic Learning’s new 5-level listening and speaking skills
series that helps learners develop the language skills needed to achieve academic success.
Learners develop academic literacy skills through content, images, and video from
National Geographic. This innovative series provides learners with a pathway to success!

  • Meaningful and authentic content from National Geographic Digital Media stimulates learners’ curiosity and participation.
  • A clear pathway from formal presentations to student-to-student interactions helpsstudents become active, informed listeners in lectures and conversations.
  • Communication skills are taught and practiced through realistic contexts designed to model the academic classroom.
  • Presentation skills, including organization, preparation, and delivery techniques, are introduced and practiced in every unit, sharpening learners’ ability to interact in different academic settings.
  • Opportunities for critical thinking throughout each unit prepare learners to succeed in the academic classroom.

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