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Cengage - Grammar In Context Basic-3
Sandra N. Elbaum | LEVEL: beginning to high-intermediate

Students learn more, remember more, and use language more effectively when they
learn grammar in context. Grammar in Context, Fifth Edition presents grammar
in interesting, informative readings and then recycles the language and context
throughout every activity.
The fifth edition of Grammar in Context has MORE!

  • MORE visual support offers an exciting, new full-color design to help studentseffectively navigate through the program.
  • MORE connection between grammar and writing, demonstrated throughwriting models and enhanced by more editing practice, encourages therelevant application of target grammar points.
  • MORE technology support for the teacher and student:4 Online Lesson Planner offers time-saving solutions for the busyinstructor.4 Online Workbook features additional exercises that learners canaccess in the classroom, language lab, or at home.
  • MORE contemporary and relevant readings like the Hudson River planelanding,President Obama, and social networking, provide relatable andengaging topics.
  • MORE accessible and contextualized grammar charts and presentationsprovide students with added clarity.

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